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Bluetooth Scale for Weight and Body Fat – Glass Top Accurate Body Weight Scale with Rechargeable Battery – Measure and Track 10 Body Composition Factors for Optimal Health – BMI Scale

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(as of Feb 23,2021 13:31:47 UTC – Details)

Product Description


Health is wealth.

There’s never been a more important time to focus your health & wellbeing. Numerous studies have shown that the quality of your physical health directly affects the quality of your mental health- and vice-versa.

The Yunmai Pro Smart Scale seamlessly connects to popular health apps on your smartphone so you can stay on top of your game.

It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket!

About time someone had your back… Trust the Yunmai Pro Smart Scale to give you real-time insights about your health while you work on getting into peak shape.

Yunmai Pro ScaleYunmai Pro Scale

Yunmai Pro ScaleYunmai Pro Scale

Yunmai Pro ScaleYunmai Pro Scale

Easily Connect to Health Apps

First there was smartphones, then smartwatches– now, there’s smart scales! The 2nd-generation Yunmai Pro Smart Scale is leading the way in smart health technology.

Built-in Bluetooth makes it simple to connect to popular health apps, providing real-time tracking for multiple users.

Fitbit +YunmaiHealthkitGoogle FitApple HealthSamsung Health

Yunmai Pro ScaleYunmai Pro Scale

Ultra-Accurate Tracking & Insights

Knowing your weight is important, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle.

The Yunmai Pro Smart Scale tracks 10 different metrics so you can get a more comprehensive look of your overall health picture.

Keeping track has never been easier!

BMI, protein, bone mass, visceral fat, muscle rate, BMR, weight, body fat, body age, and water weight.

Yunmai Pro Scale

Yunmai Pro Scale

Yunmai Pro Scale

Yunmai Pro Scale

Yunmai Pro Scale

Yunmai Pro Scale

Smooth Glass Top

Ditch the cheap plastic scale for this intelligently built SmartScale. The high-quality glass top allows users to capture ultra-accurate measurements and gain insights that will put them in the fast-lane towards better health. Yunmai doesn’t take design lightly, which is why the second-generation SmartScale Pro is topped with tempered glass. It’s guaranteed to add a “pane of class” into your bathroom or fitness room

Rechargeable Batteries

Going out to replace dead batteries is not a valuable use of anyone’s time or money. The Yunmai Pro SmartScale includes a set of rechargeable batteries to bring you instant information about your health, when you need it! Why spend time running errands when you could be focusing on great nutrition and getting into the best shape of your life? Let’s kill it together!

Hidden Display

Out of sight, out of mind. A unique hidden display helps you conserve battery life so the scale is always ready when you are! It is designed to only appear when in use and will fade away when you step off the scale. Just another brilliant feature that adds a touch of class & sophistication from the design team at Yunmai.

✔ ACCURATELY MEASURE YOUR WEIGHT … Looking for the most accurate body weight scale around? Enjoy ultra-accurate weight measurement along with 10 vital health stats with this advanced BMI scale!
✔ SLEEK ALL-GLASS TOP … As visually attractive as it is useful, this accurate body weight scale features a glass top and elegant slim design that complements any room or decor style. Forget those cheap-looking plastic competing scales!
✔ RECHARGEABLE BATTERY … Time to bin your old-fashioned scales that use disposable batteries. This bluetooth scale comes with a convenient rechargeable battery inside that you can use again and again.
✔ TRACK YOUR HEALTH … Install our app and watch your new scale for weight and body fat keep track of your vital health stats. Discover what’s behind those changes in your body and stay at optimal health!
✔ SIMPLE TO SET UP … Effortlessly connect the scales to our smartphone app and take advantage of the perfect-syncing that records your weight, BMI, muscle mass, fat percentage and more with support from our California Team.

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