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Revenue stamps deadlock continues even after 16 years



NAKODAR The Punjab government has failed to break the deadlock between its revenue department and postal authorities over the sale of revenue stamps of the denomination of Rs.1 through post offices. Post offices across Punjab had stopped selling revenue stamps since February 2005, demanding their commission to be hiked from 3% to 6%. However, the revenue department refused to accept the demand and wrote to the Centre to intervene, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, the state government has been selling the revenue stamps through its treasury offices at the sub-divisional level. It has also authorized stamp vendors to sell revenue stamps. But the residents of far-flung and remote villages complain that they are forced to spend more money and time to buy these stamps. The stamp vendors, too, are reluctant to sell these stamps as they receive a small commission. Taking advantage of the continuing stalemate, some people are selling these stamps on the black market.


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