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Best all-in-one desktop computers for your home office

If you’re a fan of the minimal look, a sleek all-in-one desktop computer is for you.

As many of us are now working from home, we need to accommodate space for a computer, and the best all-in-one desktop computers will  offer a clean-lined look and work well for anyone who’s short on room, too.

An all-in-one computer combines all the components in one unit rather than having a separate computer tower from the monitor. They offer a more modern look, and are visually more aesthetically pleasing. They are also often quieter and more energy efficient too.

Naeem Adam, ’s computing expert, said: “All-in-one desktop computers have an array of benefits, however the biggest plus is how much space you’ll save, as you get a monitor and a computer in one. All-in-one machines also offer a more sleek, slimline look than a tower PC and screen set up, so they’re ideal if you’re looking for a stylish desk setup.

“To make your all in one set up even more efficient, we’d also recommend opting for a wireless keyboard and mouse to give a minimalist finish.”

Keep scrolling for our pick of the best all-in-one desktop computers for all your needs below.

The best all-in-one desktop computers

1. Acer Aspire Z24-891 23.8″ All In One

“If you’re in the market for a machine that you can use for both personal and professional use, we’d recommend an all-in-one model such as the Acer Aspire Z24-891,” says Naemm. “It has a large memory and is designed for demanding tasks so is a great choice for work, while the 23.8 inch HD touchscreen delivers crisp, detailed pictures so that you can also enjoy your favourite Netflix series with ease.”

Price: £949, AO – buy here now

2. Portus Pro AIO-101 24″ Full Rotatable All-in-One Desktop

If you want a slightly larger screen, this 24in monitor display is ideal. The rotatable display also means you can get the best angle to work that suits you and your space.

It starts up fast and will run many open tabs and applications smoothly and easily as it’s powered by the latest 9th generation Intel i5 processor and has plenty of ram for speed.

There’s also in-built stereo speakers, microphone and pop-up webcam so you can enjoy Netflix, music, movies, games and those work video calls with ease. A nifty piece of kit.

Price: £599, Amazon – buy here now

3. Apple iMac 21.5″ (2020)

Reliable and high-performing, you can’t really go wrong with an Apple desktop computer.

As well as being seriously sleek and good looking, the Apple iMac has lots of power to tackle all your work projects as well as daily tasks and browsing. Whether you want to edit images, do a presentation, or game online the i5 processor means you can do it all with speedy loading times.

And if you’re a browser or worker that likes having loads of tabs open at once, the 8GB or RAM means you can multitask with ease. If you’re splashing out, you won’t regret this investment.

Price: £1,099, Currys – buy here now

4. ASUS Vivo V222 21.5in Pentium 8GB 1TB FHD All-in-One PC

This all-in-one desktop is light and slim, and a wireless keyboard and mouse complete the minimal aesthetic.

It boasts a thin bezel for edge-to-edge viewing on the FULL HD LED display, making games and movies enjoyable to watch. It also has an advanced digital microphone to filter out any distracting background noise on that important work Zoom conference call.

Price: £449.99, Argos – buy here now

5. Lenovo IdeaCentre A340 21.5 Inch FHD Desktop

Perfectly fusing function and form, this all-one-desktop computer looks stylish as well as being high-performing.

The minimal look is sleek and won’t take up too much space, while the almost-edgeless monitor offers a wide viewing angle. And, even when your workload goes through the roof and you’re running lots of programmes, loading times are still good with the intel i3 processor.

There’s also a privacy shutter to hide your webcam while live streaming if you want to, and there’s a built-in cable tidy to keep things clutter-free.

Price: £499.99, Amazon – buy here now

6. Asus Vivo V272UNK 21.5″ All In One

If you have a job in video editing, or need a computer that can handle a lot of tasks at once with speedy loading times and no lag, this is a great option.

It has a large and crisp 27in display, a wireless keyboard and mouse, and is easy to set up. It has 8GB of RAM, a Windows 10 operating system, and a contemporary, stylish design. It also has a fantastic audio system for listening to music or watching movies.

Price: £949, AO – buy here now

7. Lenovo IdeaCentre 22ADA05 21.5″ All In One

If you need an all-in-one desktop that can easily handle some light multi-tasking, like listening to music as you catch up on emails, this affordable option will do the trick nicely.

It has a full HD screen for a crisp picture and elevated TV watching. The slim design will help keep your desk clutter-free, and the stand has a cable collector to keep the wires neatly tucked away so they won’t be in your workspace.

Price: £449. AO – buy here now

8. HP 22in Celeron 4GB 128GB FHD All-in-One PC

If you need a reliable all-in-one desktop but don’t want to break the bank, this HP Celeron is a great option.

It can cover all the family’s needs, from playing games and listening to music to working. It has a very thin bezel for improved viewing space and a Full HD screen. There’s 4GB of RAM and Windows 10 operating system.

One customer said: “Graphics are very good. Operates very quietly and fast for what we require.” And another wrote: “If you’re looking for a top range state of the art PC to run the latest games then obviously look elsewhere but it’s perfect for what I need it for: working, writing essays, studying, and researching.”

Price: £369.99, Argos – buy here now


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